Invest in your Fairytale

Every wedding is unique, so I make custom coverage options for each wedding.

Typically people invest between $2,800 - $4,500 for wedding coverage.





I got my mind on my money & my money on my mind....I know you do, cuz we do too :)

As much as you are investing in me, I'll turn around and invest in you too.

My mission as your wedding photographer is to serve you & deliver a gallery of photographs that take you right back to that night, & gives you all the feels.

 I'm here to tell you that photography is the only thing that actually increases in value.

I'll let that sink in a minute. . . 

After all is said & done, your wedding dress goes in a closet, flowers die, friends go home & what's left is (you guessed it) photos!! That over time will become treasures!

It's not about a pinterest pie chart, if photography is important to you,

 I truly believe you should Treat Yo'self!

. . . So let's talk! 

Don’t stress! I do understand budgets because everyone has one! And unless you're a millionaire (if you are, please teach me your ways) you probably have a wedding budget yourself with a certain number next to 'photography.' So I get it! I'm here to have an open conversation with you about those numbers. I'll be open and transparent with you and if you have questions I'm here to answer them.

After filling out my contact form completely, we will go over what kind of package is right for YOU. I'll provide you with a couple different options based on what you've told me in your contact form. 

All my packages are customized to fit your needs! If budget is an issue, don’t be shy!

I’m always up for having a conversation about numbers if we’re the right fit.